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Elevate Growth with Customised B2B Finance: Purchase Invoice Discounting as Your BNPL Solution

In the rapidly evolving landscape of B2B commerce, Purchase Invoice Discounting stands as a beacon of financial innovation, and flexibility.

Our Purchase Invoice Discounting program is a powerful solution that empowers businesses with flexibility and freedom. With this program, you can pay your suppliers and buy additional inventories. Imagine this as your very own “BUY NOW, PAY LATER”.

Our Purchase Invoice Discounting programs are not restricted to any one particular supplier; we offer you flexibility to pick your own suppliers (irrespective they are Rated or Unrated). Our programs are customised with the single purpose of providing you with the financial flexibility needed to drive business growth and success.

Key Features:

  1. Longer credit period on your purchases: With our Purchase finance program, you can avail longer credit period, which shall ease out your cash flow, enabling you to invest in growth opportunities, and manage operational expenses effectively.
  1. Avail cash discount from supplier: Using our Purchase finance facility, you can pay your supplier early and avail cash discounts from them. In most industries, cash discounts exceed the finance charges thereby clearly giving you arbitrage.
  2. Reliable Supplier Relationships: Suppliers love early payments. When you pay them early using our Purchase Invoice Discounting Facility, they start preferring supplies to you – specially in days of shortages. That’s reliable supply chain
  3. Flexible Funding: You have the freedom to choose as to which specific purchase invoices you want to discount, allowing you to tailor the funding to your immediate cash flow needs. This flexibility helps you maintain control over your financial resources.
  4. Competitive Rates: We offer competitive discount rates, ensuring that you receive fair and beneficial terms for your discounted invoices. This allows you to access the funds you need at a reasonable cost.

Purchase Invoice Discounting: Bridging the Financial Divide

Closing the cash flow gap” – Purchase Invoice Discounting does exactly that. It’s a strategic tool that transforms unpaid invoices into immediate working capital, enabling businesses to maintain a steady flow in their supply chain and operations.

The Strategic Advantage of BNPL in B2B trade

Integrating Purchase Invoice Discounting as a BNPL solution in B2B trade offers a strategic edge to corporates. It addresses the common challenge of delayed payments in the supply chain, ensuring suppliers are paid promptly while buyers manage their cash flow more effectively.

Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to Purchase Invoice Discounting and BNPL for B2B Trade Finance:

  • What is Purchase Invoice Discounting?

Purchase Invoice Discounting is a financial service where businesses can fund their business purchases.

  • What are the benefits of using Purchase Invoice Discounting for businesses?

The primary benefits include improved and prompt supplies, ability to pick up larger raw materials, Cash Discounts available from the supplier, Preference from Suppliers for deliveries.

  • Is Purchase Invoice Discounting suitable for all types of businesses?

Purchase Invoice Discounting suits all type of businesses. However, It is particularly beneficial for businesses who buy regularly from their suppliers – thereby having regular transaction history.

  • Can Purchase Invoice Discounting or BNPL for B2B impact business credit scores?

Like any financial service, the impact on credit scores depends on the repayment history. In the unfortunate situation of delays in repayment of purchases invoices or BNPL funding, your Credit Score may get impacted adversely. Similarly timely repayments can positively influence your credit scores, and will also earn you FlexiReward Points.

  • What is the difference between Purchase Invoice Discounting and traditional loans?

Unlike traditional loans, Purchase Invoice Discounting is tied directly to the invoices’ value and does not usually require additional collateral. It’s also typically quicker to arrange and more flexible in terms of repayment.


Incorporating Purchase Invoice Discounting as a tailored B2B finance solution not only streamlines cash flow but also propels business growth. This innovative BNPL approach empowers enterprises to navigate financial challenges seamlessly, fostering a dynamic and resilient path towards sustained success.

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