Flexi Payment

Strengthen Your Supply Chain and Foster Growth with Vendor Discounting

Our Vendor Discounting/Finance program (also known as Supplier Finance) offers businesses a powerful and efficient working capital solution by direct funding to their supplier / vendors.

This program aims to bring financial flexibility and stability to your supply chain, ensuring smooth operations and growth opportunities for your business.

By leveraging our Vendor Discounting/Finance program, you can strengthen your supply chain, cement vendor relationships, and optimize your working capital.


Key Features:

  1. Strengthen Supplier Relationships: Our Vendor Discounting/Finance program allows you to strengthen your relationships with your vendors by offering them early payment options for their outstanding invoices. This improves cash flow for both parties and fosters a mutually beneficial partnership.
  2. Improved Working Capital Management: By leveraging vendor discounting/finance, you can optimize your working capital management. Instead of waiting for extended payment terms, you have the opportunity to maximize your cash flow by availing cash discounts from your supplier for early payment made to them.
  3. Better Treasury Yields: By utilizing our Dealer/Channel Finance Program, corporate anchors can achieve better treasury yields on their cash, maximizing their returns on investment.
  4. Streamlined Invoice Processing: Our program streamlines the invoice processing and payment cycle. We provide a seamless platform that enables easy invoice submission, verification, and prompt payment to vendors. This eliminates the need for manual processing and minimizes delays in payments.
  5. Competitive Financing Rates: We offer competitive financing rates for vendor discounting. Our aim is to provide cost-effective solutions that align with your business objectives and financial needs. By accessing funds at favourable rates, you can minimize borrowing costs and improve your overall financial performance.
  6. Flexible Discounting Options: We understand that different businesses have unique financial requirements. Our Vendor Discounting/Finance program provides flexibility in choosing which invoices or receivables to discount, allowing you to customize the solution to suit your specific needs. Your vendor have control over the timing and amount of funds they want to access.

6-Reasons To Choose Flexi Payment

Choose us for our commitment to customer satisfaction, competitive interest rates, and a commitment to helping your business grow and succeed.


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