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Our Channel Finance Program (also known as Dealer Finance), is designed to empower businesses by providing flexible and efficient financing solutions for their dealers and channel partners. With this innovative program, corporate anchors can now optimize their supply chain management and enhance their relationship with their dealers.

This innovative financing program aims to enhance the working capital efficiency of both the anchor and their dealers, optimizing their supply chain process and driving business growth.


Key Features for Anchor/Corporates

  1. Immediate Payment to you: We can customise the program such that your as a corporate anchors receive immediate payment for all invoices raised by you on your dealers. This ensures smooth and uninterrupted cash flow, enabling you to focus on growth and expansion.
  2. Up to 100% Discounting: We offer up to 100% discounting on the face value of the invoices raised by the dealers. This provides anchors with greater financial flexibility and working capital to invest in their core operations.
  3. Increased Sales Channel Loyalty: The program helps foster a stronger relationship between corporate anchors and their dealers, leading to enhanced loyalty and collaboration.
  4. Customisation – Subvention: We understand that each corporate anchor has unique requirements and objectives. Our Channel finance is highly customisable and we can build in all your “subvention” strategies in our program. We can customise multiple form of “subvention” – Rate of interest subvention, Days of credit subvention, Fixed amount subvention.
  5. Efficient Supply Chain Management: By optimizing the cash flow between the anchor and their dealers, Channel Finance facilitates better supply chain management. This enables a smooth flow of goods and services, minimizing disruptions and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Key Features for Dealers/Channel

  1. Early Payment Program for dealers: Our Dealer/Channel Finance Program enables dealers to earn cash discounts from the corporate anchor by offering early payment for invoices. This allows dealers to improve their cash flow, profit margins and strengthen their financial stability.
  2. Longer Credit Period: Your dealers can also avail longer credit period using our Channel/Dealer Finance facility over and above of the credit period offered by you. This helps them stock more goods (which means more sales to you)
  3. Part Invoice Discounting: Dealers have the option to avail partial invoice amounts, providing them with greater control over their cash flow.
  4. Flexi Rewards Points: Dealers can earn Flexi Rewards points for prompt payment and adherence to the program guidelines. These points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards and benefits.

Channel Finance

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