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At Flexi Payment, we believe in the power of a healthy supply chain. That’s why we offer working capital Loan solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business. Whether you need to manage cash flow, purchase inventory, or invest in growth opportunities, we’ve got you covered.

Avail instant loans basis your recent sales trends; Pay these loans in easy customized installments linked to your sales volume or in EMIs. Boost your sales now.

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FAQs Working Capital Loans

Working Capital Loans are short tenure loans (mostly upto 3 years) given by a lender without insisting for any collateral, guarantor, or hypothecation of any assets. Entities like proprietorships, partnerships, private limited companies, or public limited companies are eligible for this type of borrowing. The loan can be used for working capital purposes, meeting short-term cash flow requirements, investments into plant and machinery, etc. The repayment of such a loan is usually made in equated monthly installments (EMI) within the tenure of the loan.

Applying is quick and easy and typically takes less than 10 minutes. We ask for basic information about you and your business. You may also securely connect your bank & GST information so we can assess your business without long forms, waiting in line, or having to dig up old documents.

We need your:

  1. Pan card of proprietor/partners/directors and the enterprise
  2. Aadhaar card of proprietor/partners/directors and Udyog aadhar/Udyam certificate of the enterprise
  3. Latest address proof of proprietor/partners/directors and the enterprise
  4. Business registration proof / GST details
  5. Bank statements for the last six months
  6. Latest two years’ financials

Yes — If you are a business owner and need money to grow.

Yes — If you have satisfactory credit history and deal with reputed corporates/buyers.

Yes –If you don’t have any previous credit history but have good recurring sales revenue.

  • We provide an opportunity to select from multiple lenders – without actually applying to all of them.
  • Our Artificial Intelligence-led Rule Engine suggests loans best suitable to you after an exhaustive evaluation of your credit profile.
  • We negotiate the best possible deal and Rate of Interest on your behalf so that you get the best deal.
  • Our loans are flexible and customized to your needs.

Flexi Payment offers loan solutions for manufacturers, traders, service providers and retailers. We also offer customized loan products for travel agents, hotels, restaurants, retailers and e-commerce businesses.

To qualify for a Working Capital loan, meet the eligibility criteria given below:

  • Your business should have a minimum operational history of 1 year with valid business proof.
  • You must be an Indian resident
  • Your age needs to be over 21 years
  • You need to have a valid Indian bank account
  • You need to provide business & personnel KYC details
  • Satisfactory banking conduct for at least for latest six months (Current/ CC / OD Account)
  • We negotiate the best possible deal for you, basis your credit profile. We also structure the best possible repayment terms for you. Generally, the interest rate starts from Rs. 50 per day per lac or 1.5% per month, calculated on a reducing balance.
  • One-time processing fee of up to 2% is charged

Our working capital loans are unsecured and we do not insist on any collateral as security.

No, our loans are for business use only. You can use it for business expansion, renovation, purchase of equipment, hiring new staff, or spend on marketing.

There are fixed frequencies (agreed at the time of loan booking) on which Flexi Payment (or its partner finance institution) will initiate a repayment request against your account. However, you can always request pre-payment / foreclosure of the loan.

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