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Fast-Track Growth with Flexible Invoice Discounting Solutions!

Our Sales Invoice Discounting program provides businesses with a flexible working capital solution, irrespective of if they are dealing with large corporates or when dealing with buyers without a formal credit rating.

Sales Invoice

Key Features:

  1. Cut the Working Capital: With this product, you can leverage your sales invoices with your regular buyers. This allows you to access funds based on your unpaid invoices, improving your cash flow and enabling business growth.
  2. Enhanced Cash Flow: This product ensures a steady cash flow for your business by allowing you to receive funds against your unpaid invoices promptly. You no longer have to wait for your customers to pay their invoices, as the lender will advance you a percentage of the invoice amount.
  3. No Anchor dependence: Our Sales Invoice Discounting does not require an anchor buyer. You have the flexibility to choose the invoices you want to discount. Invoices could be on any of your regular buyer.
  4. Flexibility: You have the flexibility to choose which invoices to discount; and how much to discount (yes, you can get part invoice discounted), depending on your cash flow needs. This allows you to optimize your working capital and access funds as and when required, without any restriction on the number or value of invoices you can discount.
  5. Competitive Pricing: We will charge a discount fee or interest on the advanced funds, which is typically based on the creditworthiness of you and your buyer and the credit terms of your invoices. The pricing will be competitive and tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

6-Reasons To Choose Flexi Payment

Choose us for our commitment to customer satisfaction, competitive interest rates, and a commitment to helping your business grow and succeed.


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